With the mission statement of “Working for California and Mexico”, Cien Amigos hopes to establish a platform for collective planning and concrete action to encourage the mutual prosperity of both Mexico and California. Initial objectives of Cien Amigos are as follows:

1. Create a strategic vision to foster and improve the dynamic relationship between California and Mexico;
2. Continue to educate policy makers on the significant contribution people of Mexican ancestry have made to California’s growth and development;
3. Promote and cultivate a more accurate, comprehensive and positive image of Mexico in California and California in Mexico.

Cien Amigos is currently led by an executive committee composed of five individuals, who coordinate the group’s activities by consensus. The executive committee developed the process for charter membership of Cien Amigos seeking persons who have participated in binational issues between the U.S. and Mexico or have worked closely with the Mexican Consulate in Sacramento.

Members represent a broad cross-section of independent community leaders, including entrepreneurs, lawyers, educators, corporate executives, legislative advocates, representatives of civic organizations, professionals and local elected officials. Cien Amigos has been formed to support mutually beneficial bilateral initiatives and to reinforce individual and institutional bonds between California and Mexico.

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