On July 23, 2014, Foreign Secretary José Antonio Meade visited Sacramento in advance of Governor Edward G. Brown Jr. visit to Mexico from July 27 - 30. Secretary Meade received a tour of the Sacramento Consulate office as soon as he arrived. 

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Minutes later, Secretary Meade joined members of Cien Amigos for a breakfast at the Mexican Consulate. Secretary Meade praised the organization's work in publicizing the historical contributions of the Mexican community in northern California and promoting prosperity on both sides of the border through bilateral projects. 

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Following the breakfast, Secretary Meade visited a farm in San Joaquin County. There, he spoke with farmworkers from different Mexican states, reiterating the federal government's commitment to the Mexican communities abroad. He mentioned the work done by Mexico's consulates in California and throughout the United States to promote respect for the job rights of workers, regardless of their immigration status. 

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The California Chamber of Commerce hosted a lunch for Secretary Meade where he was able to highlight the close economic and trade bonds between Mexico and California, Mexico's multiple associations and its new global role, which is being shaped by President Peña Nieto's administration. He explained Mexico's competitive advantages, the result of recent structural reforms approved by Congress that seek to promote a more competitive economy, stronger political institutions and the recognition of social rights. 

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Secretary Meade also held private meetings with Governor Brown as well as members of the California Legislature. 

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Secretary Meade's visit was covered widely by the media. Below are a few articles of his visit: 

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