President Enrique Peña Nieto visited California in the month of August to discuss collaboration on climate change, border crossing issues, energy policy and tourism. While in California, President Peña Nieto met with Governor Jerry Brown to discuss these issues and identify areas of collaboration moving forward for the benefit of both California and México.

This historic visit was covered extensively by the media. Below is an Opinion Editorial of particular importance:

While on his visit, President Peña Nieto participated in a series of meetings and events that highlighted the strong ties between Mexico and California. Below are a few images that highlight this important visit.

Address to the California State Legislature


President Peña Nieto and Governor Brown approach the California Senate podium

Pic_2-_Leg.jpg  Pic_5_-_Leg.jpg Pic_4_-_Leg..jpg

Visits the Mexican Consulate in Sacramento


President Peña Nieto with the Sacramento consular staff


and receives a tour from Ambassador Carlos Gonzalez Gutierrez

Policy Discussion with Governor Jerry Brown


Pic_1_-_private.jpg Pic_2_-_private.jpg


 Pic_3_-_lunch.jpg Pic_2_-_Lunch.jpg Pic_1_-_lunch.jpg

Signs Accord with the State of California

During his visit, Tourism Secretary Claudia Ruiz Massieu Salinas and California Travel and Tourism Commission Chair Mike Rossi signed a tourism agreement between California and México.

Pic_2_-_Reso.jpg Pic_1_-_Reso.jpg

Press Conference at the Mexican Consulate


 Pic_1_-_presser.jpg Pic_1_-_presser.jpg


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