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April 12, 2016                                            


SACRAMENTO -- Cien Amigos, a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization of prominent Latino community leaders in California formed in 2010 to promote stronger cooperation between California and Mexico, today declared presidential candidate Donald J. Trump “persona non-grata” in California.

On behalf of the entire organization, Cien Amigos Board Chairman Antonio de la O issued the following statement: 

“Donald Trump began his campaign for the Presidency of the United States with a racist insult against Latinos, singling out Mexican immigrants.

“Trump's central campaign gimmick is a theoretical deportation forced march of 11 million Latinos and the construction of a wall of terror against Mexicans. He recently went as far as suggesting he would seek to illegally impound remittances to Mexico, essentially an unconstitutional taking of private property, including remittances of hard working, law-abiding US citizens, as means to finance his proposed wall.

“This is why Cien Amigos- an organization of civic leaders Working for California and Mexico is branding him a persona non grata in California.

“His presence and his vulgar xenophobic presidential campaign are not welcome in the state with the highest Mexican American and Latino voting population. 

“Donald Trump uses alarmist and xenophobic anti-immigrant language in his speeches to scare people and turn them against Mexican, Mexican American, and Latino families. He is deceiving the electorate with the prospect of policies that he knows, or should know, cannot be implemented and would violate established US law.

“Donald Trump wants to amend the US Constitution to deny citizenship to Latino children born in United States and California and to break up Latino families because he doesn't approve of Latino children having the same rights as all US citizens.

“Donald Trump is a demagogue, a racist and a hypocrite. He chooses to ignore the tremendous contributions immigrants in general and Latino immigrants in particular have made to freedom, culture and prosperity in the US. He invokes dangerous racist rhetoric in search of increasing his polling numbers. He has employed undocumented construction workers and hotel staff, and pays less than fair wages in his Las Vegas hotel.

“In the last five years, the FBI reports, anti-immigrant and anti-Latino speeches have resulted in hate crimes in United States against Latinos going up 50%.

“Cien Amigos condemns political candidates, like Donald Trump, who discriminate and attack families, voters, and taxpayers of Mexican and Latino origin.”

Cien Amigos, a non-partisan membership organization, seeks to support mutually beneficial bilateral projects and initiatives and to reinforce individual and institutional bonds between California and Mexico. With the mission of “Working for California and Mexico,” Cien Amigos hopes to establish a platform for collective planning and concrete action to encourage the mutual prosperity of both California and Mexico.

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